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  • How do I make a booking with my Comedy Pass?
    Head to Menu > Shows > Comedy Pass Booking. Select the event you want to book and look through the calendar for show dates to proceed with your booking.
  • Will I be able to book shows that are more than one month away?
    Yes. You will be able to book shows that are more than one month away, and that is after your subscription renewal date. As long as your subscription remains active, you may attend the event.
  • I can’t see any show dates to book!
    Do look through the calendar to find the show dates of the events you are interested in. Upon selecting the date, you should see show details.
  • I booked my sessions, but I don’t know where to find them.
    Log in to manage all your bookings from your account in Account > My Bookings.
  • How do I reschedule my bookings?
    Log in to cancel and reschedule all your bookings in Account > My Bookings. Just make sure to reschedule your booking 12 hours before the event begins to prevent it from being consumed.
  • How do I get the 10% discount on tickets that can be applied 10 times?
    These are awarded to your account and are automatically applied on checkout when you purchase at Shows > Regular Bookings. You may still use a promocode if you have one.

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